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Features of product

  • Struts
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • J Unit
  • Tomcat administration
  • Web Logic
  • Eclipse
  • Android
  • plug-in development
  • RCP
  • Java
  • Cloud Computing


BELLATRIX GLOBAL SOLUTIONS was started by a product development specialist who has 14+ years of experience in product development and consulting, training for several MNC's.

Why Bellatrix?

  • Real time demos in android and iphone phones.
  • Real time IT Implementation examples.
  • Trainers with Corporate Training experience and skill set with real time IT Background.
  • Projector enabled highly sophisticated classrooms and labs.
  • Job assistance with Interview guidance.
  • Bellatrix acts as a gateway to latest IT happenings and job market requirements.


A training program looks like it might involve a fair amount of work and cost some money. Does your organization really need one? The answer is yes, for a number of reasons. For new staff, there's what seems an obvious answer: a training program is necessary so they can start their jobs with some idea of what they're supposed to do and how to do it. But there are a number of other ways in which a training program can help new staff members: It shows them that the organization is serious about what it does, and therefore encourages them to be serious about it, too. It makes them feel that the organization is supportive of them. Having the proper training boosts their confidence in their ability to do their jobs. A training program can help to convince new staff members of the value of the organization's philosophy and methods. It enlists them as "regulars" in the organization by giving them a vocabulary and way of looking at their work similar to those of others in the organization. It shortens the time needed for them to become competent at their jobs. It reduces their need to ask other staff for advice or information, and thus increases their independence and decreases the drain on other staff members. It greatly diminishes the chance that they'll make mistakes that cost the organization in prestige, public relations, credibility, lawsuits, or money. For veteran staff, a training program also has numerous benefits: It helps them to become continually more competent at what they do. It increases their knowledge of the field by introducing them to the latest research and theory, and can expose them to new ideas which ultimately may improve their own effectiveness and that of the organization. By keeping them from becoming bored and stale, it helps them to maintain interest in and enthusiasm for their work. It can expose them to other practitioners with different -- and perhaps better -- methods. It gives them one more reason to stay with the organization. It keeps the organization as a whole dynamic: thinking, growing, and changing. A dynamic organization is almost always a healthy and effective one. In short, a good ongoing training program for all staff increases organizational effectiveness and keeps it increasing, rather than allowing the organization to stagnate.