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Bellatrix Global Solutions has been launched recently and is currently growing as one of the Universal skills development Corporation, in building skilled engineers to meet the Universal IT market needs. Bellatrix's IT Development & Training solutions, Corporate IT training program and College Campus IT training program focuses to enrich the IT expertise in individuals, professionals, students and to make them eligible to compete with the current fast growing cutting edge technologies, design methodologies, and the latest IT trends. real time project centers chennaiBellatrix's College Campus IT training program acts as a gateway for young and dynamic fresh engineers into the IT Universe

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Course : Java

  • Java EE Introduction :
  • Full JSP function
  • Servlets and JSP with the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) :
  • Model View Controller (MVC) :
  • Data Sharing among servlets & JSP
  • Additional JSP Capabilities :
  • Servlet Filter overview
  • Filtering examples, lifecycle, & filter chains
  • Filter API, Modifying a request, Modifying a response
  • Struts Overview

Course : Spring

  • Inversion of Control design principle
  • Spring Dependency Injection Features
  • XML configuration
  • Event Driven Processing and Application Listeners
  • Bean lifecycle
  • Spring AOP Features
  • Autoproxing
  • Spring DAO
  • Integration with hibernate
  • Main Use of Spring
  • Dependency Injection
  • Java Based Configuration

Course : Hibernate

  • Hibernate Basics/Quick start(basic setup and an quick start application)
  • Hibernate Types
  • Understanding the primary key mapping.
  • Hibernate Object - relational Mapping(Advanced java types mapping)
  • Associations and collections mapping
  • ORM strategies(table per class hierarchy,table per subclass,table per concrete class)
  • Querying and fetching data(HQL,Criteria,fetching types)
  • Application design

Course : Dot Net

  • Building applications with Visual Studio
  • Managing projects with Solution Explorer
  • VB and C# Language Syntax
  • Programming Web Applications with ASP.NET
  • Styling sites with ASP.NET themes
  • Accessing the database with ADO.NET
  • Create a web application
  • Connecting to the database and running SQL commands
  • Setting project properties and adding references

Course : Ajax

  • What is AJAX?
  • Ajax rich clients in the real world
  • Ajax advantages and disadvantages
  • The purpose of AJAX
  • Traditional web application
  • An AJAX web application
  • Alternatives to Ajax
  • AJAX components
  • Reusing XMLHttpRequest
  • Object in IE
  • Server side code
  • Working with the server side
  • Coding the server side

key elements of Ajax :

  • The Document Object Model (DOM)
  • DOM1
  • DOM2
  • Accessing Nodes
  • The XMLHttpRequest Object
  • The XMLHttpRequest Object Reference
  • Methods
  • Properties
  • Creating an XMLHttpRequest
  • Object
  • Using an XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Handling the response
  • Known problems

Course : Android

  • Mobile Architecture Overview :
  • Android SDK Overview :
  • Building Android Applications :
  • Advanced UI :
  • Broadcast Recievers :
  • Handling Telephone Controls :
  • Bluetooth :
  • Working with Threads :
  • Introduction to Android :
  • Main Building Blocks :
  • Create a sample application
  • Basic Android User Interface :
  • Different Android based API
  • Android Source Code Layout :

Course : Oracle

  • Introduction
  • Retrieving Data Using the SQL SELECT Statement
  • Restricting and Sorting Data :
  • Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions,Displaying Data from Multiple Tables :
  • Using the Set Operators,Manipulating Data,Controlling User Access , Retrieving Data Using Subqueries,Database Transaction.
  • Declaring PL/SQL Variables,Writing Executable Statements,interacting with the Oracle Server

I-Phone Course Details:

  • Introduction, Overview of course, review some sample apps, Overview of iOS, Comparison with Android, Model View Controller architecture.
  • Integrated Development Environment and its various components.
  • Objective-C language primer,Object Library and working with views
  • Core Data & Persistence,Table Views and Core Data, Network requests and Project overview
  • Running your app on the device, Preparing your app for uploading in App Store