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Mind Bridges Technologies

Coalesce Technology

MG Techno Solutions

MindBridges Technologies
MindBridges Technologies, started in 2008, privately owned company with interest in corporate traning, development and providing solution to various IT problems. We ensure that there is no room for compromise when you strive for excellence. We at Mindbridges Technologies believe in the philosophy of providing our people and customers with products and services that are conceived with a singular vision - "Be above the best.". Our service teams offer unparalleled expertise with the entire MBT product suite, helping clients shorten development cycles and speed time to market. We offer best practices gleaned from hundreds of real-world deployments, as well as up-to-the-minute training on new products and features.
Coalesce Technology
Training and consulting firm that specializes in improving our client’s business performance through comprehensive and integral development of individuals, teams and the organisations. Ever since its inception in 2002, Coalesce has been committed to providing Total Client Satisfaction on higher-end platforms through Total Quality. In today’s largely impersonal business environment, Coalesce, with it’s firmly ingrained corporate philosophy of ‘Responsible Relationships’, remains committed to its clients till they attain self sufficiency. With a rapidly growing network of branches in India and overseas, Coalesce has built up an impressive Client-base of Corporations.
MG techno solutions
The founders of MG techno solutions worked in leading product development companies like eBay, PayPal, Microsoft, Intuit and started the company with a vision to provide end-to-end mobile engineering solutions. The company is managed and run by professionals who has vast experience in mobile engineering with an average experience of 10 years in the product development space. Computing devices have been changing constantly in terms of efficiency and size as decades pass by. Mainframes ruled the world and desktops challenged its existence followed by laptops which are in turn challenged by netbooks. With the advent of 3G networks and explosive innovation in smart phones like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Palm etc., the entire computing fits right in your pocket letting you perform complex operations that could have been possible only with a powerful computer. There will be more than 5 billion smart phone users by the end of 2010; at least 10 times more than computer users. The world is changing and every single company in the world has recognized the opportunity and venturing into the mobile development. Microsoft, Apple, Google, eBay, PayPal, Intuit, Amazon, you name it and they have development centers for mobile development. For the first time, a comprehensive training on the entire field of mobile software engineering available from MG techno solutions, for the early birds who are ready for the era of mobilization.